The 2019 Warpo Open will NOT take place.
We hope to continue the tradition next year. 

The Warpo Open Golf Tournament

A Golf Event to help bring Awareness to At-Risk Youth

This is the Warpo Open's 27th Anniversary!

Mike Cicharz "Warpo"

BREAKING NEWS! In case you have not heard the Warpo Open tradition continues this June 21st, 2019.  With the help of some familiar faces, a new set of Gurus have stepped up to carry the touch. Most of the original Gurus have decided to come back to give them all the encouragement and misinformation needed to pull it off. It is our anticipation the new regime of Gurus will keep this remarkable event going for years to come. I believe most of your favorite volunteers will be back, and it's our hope most of the foursomes and sponsors will be back, too again make this the special day we've come to expect. I know I'll be there, looking forward to seeing you all again.

We have been able to keep our premium date at Majestic Oaks, the 4th Friday of June, this year falling on June 21st.  As usual there will be a huge need for golfers, (I use the term loosely), volunteers, Sponsors, prize and Silent Auction item donors etc. Tee time will be 11:30 a.m., but you will want to arrive by 10 for pictures, putting contest, OR just to clean out the cobwebs that have gathered inside your golf bag since last year's event.

Additional info to follow shortly.


Warpo & GURU In-Training Ryan Lieser

Behind the Scenes, St. Cloud Children’s Home, courtesy of WJON

The baby of Warpo Charity Benefits, Inc., the Warpo Open Golf Tournament has it's roots in a close-knit group of friends, some dating back as far as first grade, and a guy known as Warpo.Benchwarmer Bob's All Pro form

As Warpo and his friends matured and started looking at the world around them, they discovered that many children would never get the chance to realize success and happiness in life without a little help. They decided to do something about it.

Forming Warpo Charity Benefits, Inc., they launched the first annual Warpo Open Golf Tournament back in 1993, to raise money for The St. Cloud Children's Home (SCCH), a nationally recognized facility that provides programs for "problem" youth.

Last year, the Warpo Open Golf Tournament had a great year, raising about $25,000 for the St. Cloud Children's Home. To date, Warpo Charity Benefits have raised nearly $800,000

(now, the all time leading benefactor for SCCH). Warpo Charity Benefits, Inc. was honored with Catholic Charity's (the St. Cloud Children's Home parent company) Good Samaritan Award for 2005. Warpo Charity Benefits hopes to have a great 2014 and try and help these kids, before it's too late.Presentation of $51,000 Check to St. Cloud Children's Home

Warpo and his handful of volunteers receive no salaries, benefits, or perks and pay full fare to participate in their own functions.

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