The History of Warpo Charity Benefits, Inc.

and the Warpo Open Golf Tournament

This is the Warpo Open's 27th Anniversary!

Early 60's - It all started in about 1963, when Warpo's family moved to South Minneapolis and the Incarnation Parish. Being the new kid on the block, Warpo quickly learned that there was only one sure way to make sure he wasn't left out of the day's baseball game - that was to organize it himself. The Harriet Avenue Sandlot League was formed.

Warpo & his new friend, Tom Gillespie need cash. Gillespie opts for shoveling Mr. Traeger's walk for a quarter and offering himself up as a bodyguard for Jimmy Patrick at a rate of 10¢ or one Dilly Bar a week. Warpo, holding all the financial savvy an 8-year-old could possess, organizes neighborhood carnivals and pulls a staggering $8-$14 per event. He has Gillespie operating the rides (pushing the Radio Red Flyer around the garage) and offered the leftover popcorn as payment.Warpo Golfers

Late 60's - Warpo & Gillespie compete for the seat of Treasurer for the Student Council at Incarnation Grade School. Gillespie wins and (to make the loser feel good) Sister Marie Julia appoints Warpo as the "Head of the Social Committee", which he later interprets as "The Party/Dance Organizer". Our class was the only one in Incarnation's history to be allowed more than two of these functions. And, to this day Treasurer Gillespie has yet to see one penny of the revenues generated from the many parties and dances held at the school. To this day Warpo is trying to reconcile "those outstanding invoices".

Early 70's - There were softball and broomball teams that need organized, and of course the fund raisers to pay for the league fees and uniforms. A small 200 person tailgate party at a Twins game got Warpo introduced some of Bloomington's finest.

Mid 70's - Warpo's Bar "officially" opens for business in any and all flats he paid rent on. Be it a studio apartment or 3 bedroom house - Warpo would be there with cold beer on tap, a full bar, beer nuts, Slim Jims, and even credit (to those who could accept his terms).
Warpo Survivors
Late 70s & 80s - Realizing that most houses do not come with 1500 square foot Living Rooms, Warpo starts renting halls at VFWs, Hotels and the like. Attendance grew to the hundreds. No lack of planning could prevent Warpo and his cronies from realizing a profit from the events. Now the question needed to be raised… "What do we do with the profits?" Knowing there were needing people out there, it was decided to offer the money to organizations that could put the money to good use. The effort seemed futile at first. Those people, who acknowledged receiving our gifts at all, did so at the speed of a glacier. We learned later that these moneys were dumped into a general fund and did not fulfill our goals of 'making a difference'.

The 90s - Warpo Charity Benefits Inc. (WCBI) is formed. Warpo's younger brother, Rick, who was working as a counselor for the St. Cloud Children's Home (SCCH), hears of Warpo's discontent with the use of these funds. He convinces Warpo on the idea that their efforts would go a lot farther helping troubled youth get back into the mainstream of society, and of the great job the SCCH was doing in this area.
Warpo presents a check to the St. Cloud Children's Home
1992 - The first Warpo Open kicks off. And the rest, as they say, is history.


WCBI and SCCH make a difference.

And so do you!