Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Cloud - Dinner honors 'powerful' people

"Part of our success has been to find powerful people to get involved," said Executive Director Steve Bresnahan in his address to the 200 plus gathered at the Good Samaritan Award Dinner on June 7 at the St. Cloud Civic Center.Tim Baltes

Fr. Tim Baltes, of St. Paul's Parish, an award recipient parish, had similar thoughts, noting that "there is a tremendous need to which Catholic Charities is responding, and it depends upon the community. People of St. Paul's have said, 'We want to work for Catholic Charities." The parish contributed 40 volunteers and 1,300 hours of service to Catholic Charities in 2004 in addition to high per capita giving to the organization's annual "Make God's Love Visible" effort.

Award recipient Mike "Warpo" Cicharz, organizer of the Warpo Golf Tournament for the St. Cloud Children's Home which has raised over $350,000 since 1993, noted that, "We found a good charity...It is a group effort; it's not me, it's the people involved."

Recipients Rita and Board Member Don Kainz, honored as founding members of the Circle of Hope Society, noted that "God has blessed us, and we have an obligation to share with others...If I had a glass to toast anyone it would be to all of you. Thank you for your generosity and for all you do."

Fr. Timothy Baltes, pastor of St. Paul's Church in St. Cloud, accepted an award on behalf of the parish.

Board Member Don Kainz and his wife, Rita, Good Samaritan Award recipients.

Mike "Warpo" Cicharz, founder of the Warpo Open Golf Tournament of Warpo Charity Benefits, Inc., which has been held since 1993 to raise funds for the St. Cloud Children's Home.Don and Rita Kainz

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